At IS2, you’ll never be seen as just a number. We know that in order to succeed, it’s important to get to know the people we’re helping — both customers and candidates alike. And since your success is our success, we make sure we get to know you really well.


Our combination of collaboration, flexibility, reliability and understanding make us really good at our jobs. But it’s the other stuff we do that sets us apart from the rest.

Partnering with companies that use a large temporary workforce

Connecting with business who have a high demand for employees gives us more opportunities to find great jobs for great people.

Choosing the right customer, not every customer

Not everyone is going to be a perfect match. We align with top employers who share our core values.

Working with companies that value their employees’ wellbeing

A productive employee is one who feels appreciated and safe on the job. Our goal is to achieve this with every person we place.

Upholding comprehensive screening and recruitment standards

We want to match the right talent with the right company, which is why we take everything into consideration—from our thorough candidate interviews to health and safety training, to our custom video orientations.

Relationships that matter

Yes, we have the skills, but it’s the personal connections we make that mean most to the people we serve.


IS2 has access to valuable resources and networks that allow us deliver on our promise every time. Our advanced recruitment process was designed to find the best candidates for your company and enhance retention, ultimately saving you time and money.

Getting to know your business

Understanding your business and what you’re looking for is paramount in helping you achieve the best results.

Making the right connections

We pride ourselves on placing the right people in the right job, in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Temporary staffing

All candidates are carefully screened and tested for temporary staffing across a wide range of industry sectors.

Direct hire placements

Our Direct Hire team delivers high-level recruiting of skilled professionals, tradespeople, management and executive positions.

Putting innovation
to work

Leading-edge software, useful onboarding tools and an in-depth screening process are all part of our job in finding you the best match.


To ensure all new hires are off to a good start, we’ll meet them on-site on their first day of the job, helping strengthen employee retention.

Coast-to-coast coverage

IS2 has 12 offices across Canada, allowing us to provide local support to customers throughout the country.

High Safety Standards

Your health and safety matter a lot to us, which is why we only partner with companies who take it as seriously as we do.


With locations throughout Canada, we have the tools, people and know-how to get you the support you’re looking for.

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